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Anders Juhlin
Telefon: 0498-26 92 59

Adress: Gotlands Kommun
Tekniska förvaltningen DBW:s Botaniska trädgård
621 81 Visby

Booking question:
Göran Hellström:


Gardener Lars-Olof Pettersson
Phone: +46(0)498-26 94 77
Mobile: +46(0)70-44 77 260

The Botanic Garden is situated along the beach, north of the park Almedalen.
If arriving by car there is a car park outside “Kruttornet” , from there walk through the gate and turn left on Strandgatan. On the way to the main entrance are two small lanes where roses blossom in the summertime.
The main entrance is on the corner of Strandgatan and St. Olof’s gränd.

Between the city wall and the sea front is a beautiful promenade in north south direction. From the promenade the garden can be reached by entering the first gate in the wall.

More entrances:
From Paviljonsplan (north entrance)
From Tranhusgatan (east entrance)
From S:t Olofs grand by the ruin (south entrance)

Public toilets outside the north entrance.

The garden is always open to visitors. No entrance fee.
No fee for activities for children.

This site is primarily intended to give a picture and a feeling of the garden therefore scientific names are not provided for all plants. Since images may contain several plants this would in some cases make it difficult to know which plant the name refers to. When possible without any misunderstanding the scientific name has been entered.

DBW Secretariat Strandgatan 5 , 621 57 Visby

Chairman Dan Ahlqvist
Vice chairman Leif Aronsson
Secretary Ragnar Svenserud
Ceremonial Master Arne Ekman
Treasurer Lars A Andersson

Representative DBW garden

Garden board
Chairman: Sven-Erik Lindström
Member Björn Håkansson
Member Mikael Qwiberg
Member + Supervisor: Anders Andergren
Member and bookings: Göran Hellström

Co-opted: Mats Ahlqvist
Co-opted: Göran Allard
Co-opted: Bengt Jonsell
Co-opted: Anders Juhlin

Gardener Lars-Olof Pettersson

City gardner Pernilla Johansson
Representative Region Gotland
Regular Ann-Christine Josefsson

The Botanic Garden, Paviljongsplan and Gotlandsänget are owned by The Society of DBW.
Region Gotland is taking care of the Garden.

The Homepage is a co-work between Databyrån i Visby AB and representatives of The Society of DBW.
Text: Ann-Britt Magnusson
Webmaster: Lasse Ahnell

Photo: Mart Marend if nothing else is declared

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