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The botanical garden

The Botanical Garden of DBW (the Bathing Friends), popularly known as “Botan”, has for more than 150 years been situated close to the beach in Visby, protected by the city wall from the storms and salty sprays of the Baltic Sea. It is not a vast garden and visitors get an overview of the beautiful place already at the entrances.
The link between the grounds and medieval Visby is obvious immediately – in the south part lies the ruined church of St. Olof, covered by Sweden’s most impressive ivy.

After entering between the magnificent plane trees at the southeast entrance visitors are met by apple trees from Stenkyrka parish, a reminder of the Gotlandic countryside.

Visby has the most agreeable climate in Sweden, hence many unusual plants especially trees and shrubbery grow here. Fig, mulberry, and of course walnut trees, but also the more exotic ones such as the tulip tree, empress tree, pride of India, handkerchief tree and magnolias blossom when in season.
The garden’s two and a half hectares are well used and the trees and plants give subdued mosaic interplay of light and shadow.

Fixed quarters are co-ordinated with open lawns and beautiful groups of trees. In the northwest part note especially the tall, well-shaped forest edge where colours range from yellow green and dewy blue to sombre green – here handsome specimens of hornbeam, Spanish blue spruce and black pine and several others contribute to the splendour.

Close by Lebanese cedar, giant redwood and Chinese sequoia are part of the panorama. These well-grown, handsome trees are a special attraction of the garden.

In the maritime, equalizing local climate evergreen shrubs such as leatherleaf viburnum and cherry laurel not only grow well, they also blossom profusely most years.

Spring flaunts an abundance of bulbous plants in the half shade of the trees, where especially the profusion of spring snowflakes makes an impression. A garden for all seasons!

The Herb Garden

The Herb Garden was renovated a couple of years ago.

Stonewalls and new arches were built, pathways made from Gotlandic stone chippings and slabs from the beach were laid between the flowerbeds.

Gazebo garden

In the summer of 2014 the new Gazebo garden was inaugurated.

By and by several Mediterranean plants will be added here.
The same material as in the Herb Garden has been used to build walls and stairs of limestone.

Opening hours

The garden is always open for visitors. No entrance fee.

The Botanic Garden, Paviljongsplan and Gotlandsänget are owned by The Society of DBW.
Region Gotland is taking care of the Garden.

The Botanic Garden is situated along the beach, north of the park Almedalen.
If arriving by car there is a car park outside “Kruttornet”, from there walk through the gate and turn left on Strandgatan. On the way to the main entrance are two small lanes where roses blossom in the summertime.
The main entrance is on the corner of Strandgatan and St. Olof’s gränd.

Between the city wall and the sea front is a beautiful promenade in north south direction. From the promenade the garden can be reached by entering the first gate in the wall.

More entrances:
From Paviljonsplan (north entrance)
From Tranhusgatan (east entrance)
From S:t Olofs grand by the ruin (south entrance)

Public toilets outside the north entrance.


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